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PPC Ghost - The Manual

Step 1: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

This step is of the utmost importance for making money with adsense using this technique. This step involves gathering all the tools you will need to safely complete this hack and not get caught. Failure to follow this step 'will' result in Google terminating your Adsense account and banning you from the program FOREVER!!!

Here are the tools you will need for this hack.

  • Firefox 3.0 or greater. No other browser will work more efficiently. Although you could use another one and still make money, it is not recommended. Download Firefox Here (if you don't already have it).
  • Reload Every 3.0 or greater. This is a Firefox add-on that can easily be installed to your Firefox browser in just seconds. Download Reload Every Here (if you don't already have it). Note: You will need to restart Firefox after installing this add-on. Come back to this page and proceed to the next tool.
  • Hide My IP software. This tool offers many useful features that you will need to complete this hack. Using this tool will make you invisible to prying eyes as well as bots. Download Hide My IP Here. (if you don't already have it). Note: This software costs about $30 USD. However, you will need to add another software to this order to make you undetectable.
  • Add Cookie Crumble software. Add this software to your order, explained above. Being invisible is good, but being both invisible and undetectable is even better. For only about $20 USD, Add Cookie Crumble to your order of the software stated above. Note: You will need to connect these two softwares after downloading and installing. Instructions will be provided by the software.
  • Website or Blog with adsense enabled. Create at least 10 pages, each with a different topic. Place the maximum of 3 Adsense Units on each page. This gives you a total of 30 Adsense Units. For more earnings, create more pages. Ensure each page has at least 500 words. Note: Be creative with your content and use image and text ads. If you don't have time or don't feel like writing all that content, you can use this auto blogging software to generate fresh content with little effort. It's compatible with both Wordpress or Blogger blogs. For websites, HostGator is recommended.

Step 2: Ready, Set, Hack! Start Making Money!

So you have all the tools. Now it's time to put them to good use and start making money with Adsense. Follow the steps below and in minutes you will start seeing results.

  1. Open and Run the Hide My IP software. Set it to "Change IP Address every 1 minute". "Clear Cookies When IP Changes". And "Use SmartSwitch to Obtain New IP's".
  2. In your Firefox browser, go to the website or blog you've created for this hack.
  3. Open each of the 10 pages of the website or blog in 10 seperate tabs.
  4. Right-Click an empty space in any of the 10 tabs.
  5. Select "Reload Every" and Click "Enable All Tabs". Note: You can customize the time delay by clicking "Custom".
  6. Let it run for about 5 minutes. With 30 Adsense Units being reloaded every 5 seconds, you will have 360 impressions per minute. That's 1,800 impressions in 5 minutes.
  7. After 5 minutes, start clicking on ads at random. It's best to start from the left-most tab and work your way to the right. Note: If you have created seperate channels for each ad unit on each page, you can track the value of each unit. This will allow you to target certain ad units to further increase your revenue.

Here are some Tips you should know.

  1. Try not to click on one ad too many times until the IP Address changes.
  2. The longer you spend clicking ads, the more money you will make. Spend between 3-6 hours to earn upwards of $1,200.
  3. Don't get greedy! You could, in theory, make $1,000,000 in only a few months, but this is not recommended.
  4. Remember the #1 rule of Fight Club. "Do Not talk about Fight Club!"

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